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Hetty's Pups

Born 15th February 2016

3 girls

Sire Bisbee Beachcomber




1st January 2004 - 18th January 2016

Always in our thoughts our most beautiful girl


An Ipad painting from Angela




Birmingham National Championship Show
9th May 2014

Gypsy wins RBCC from Veteran Bitch Class
Judge Mrs Sylvia Morrice

Midland Counties Championship Show
25th October

Merlin wins his 11th CC
Judge Mr Paul Wilkinson

Southern Counties Championship Show
1st June 2013

Hetty is placed 1st in Postgraduate Bitch
Judge Mr Chris Pick

Picture Jon Caines

Bedlington Terrier Association
Open Show 20th April 2013

Best In Show
Bisbee Belle Inni

Reserve Best In Show
Sharnor Faithful Falcon

Judge Mr Roger Thomas (Squirreldene)

National Terrier Championship Show 2013
Judge Mr Harvey Bell

Peaches wins Reserve Bitch CC

Picture Jon Caines

Peaches celebrates her fourth birthday by going

National Bedlington Terrier Open Show 30th March 2013
Judge Mrs Jane Graham

Congratulations to Peter and Dong
Not forgetting Rufus

Best Of Breed

Ch Bisbee Ikatcher At Kierlander

Our Dogs/Arden Grange
Top Bedlington Breeder 2012 with 17 points is
Dorothy Owen

Ch Bisbee Beachcomber JW (Merlin)
 is the Dog World Top Bedlington  2012
with 10 points gained from 4 CCs  2 with BOB

Ch Bisbee Benvenuto (Gypsy)
is Dog World Top Brood Bitch 2012 all terrier breeds
Thanks to Ch Bisbee Ikatcher At Kierlander who provided 7 of Gypsy's 20 ponts

Merlin ends the year as he began it - with a CC

At LKA on 16th December 2012
Judge Mr Stuart Yearley

This was Merlin's 10th CC

Picture Jon Caines

Merlin's  New Babes

3 boys and 2 girls
Proud Mum
Maya - Ch Ruffsfurze Mavrodaphne
Proud owners Jane and Trevor Graham

My - How they've grown

Congratulations to Peter Kiernan and Dong Liu
At Midland Counties on 25th October 2012
Bisbee Ikatcher At Kierlander
won his third CC
Judge Mr Trevor Rowe

Rufus is now a champion (confirmed by the KC)

At Darlington Championship Show
14th September 2012

Hetty won Best Puppy
Judge Mr Max King

Merlin won his 9th CC with BOB
at SKC Championship Show
25th August 2012
Judge Mrs Eileen Needham

                                                                           Picture Roger Bannister

Merlin won his 8th CC and BOS
at National Bedlington Terrier
4th August 2012
Judge Mrs Sylvia Morrice

                                                                                             Picture Harvey Bell

Blackpool Championship Show
22nd June 2012

Bisbee Belle Inni
won her second CC
and went
Best Of Breed
Judge Mr Phillip Greenway

The second and third days of this Show were cancelled because of severe weather conditions
Even the wet weather ring on the first day was water-logged

5th June 2012

BOB and Group 2
Bisbee Belle Inni

BPIB and Puppy Group 4
Doehey My Hearts Content By Bisbee

Judge Mark Ord

Gypsy wins Best Veteran at
National Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show
31st March 2012
Judge Mrs Jill Peak

Newcomer Hetty
Doehey My Hearts Content By Bisbee
Bred by Julie Brooks
Was second in Puppy Bitch


Merlin follows in mum's footsteps by going Best Of Breed

Best of Breed  Reserve Best of Breed  Best Puppy
Judge Mrs Lesley Butler

Sporting Terrier Association Of Yorkshire
13th November 2011
Peaches wins Best of Breed
Judge Miss Shelley Worrall

Picture Harvey Bell

At Midland Counties Championship Show
30th October 2011

Merlin and Peaches both won Reserve CCs
Judge Mr Chris Pick



At the BTA Championship Show on 15th October 2011
Merlin was 1st in Open Dog and won his sixth CC
Judge Mr Steve Lockett

24th September 2011
Peaches wins Best In Show
Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show
Judge Mr Jeff Luscott

Merlin goes Best Of Breed at SKC 28th August 2011
winning his fifth CC

Judge Mr Tony Waller

More pictures on puppy

Stig - owned by Nina Engevi in Sweden is now a blood tracking champion
Bisbee Boarding Delta Blue SEUCH DKUCH EECH SEVCH

Stig with Judge Mr Jan Domarhed

Congratulations Nina and Stig

Confirmation of Merlin's champion status has now been received from the Kennel Club

Brother and Sister
6th August 2011

                                                                         Picture by Photocall Ryton
Merlin and Peaches

Merlin goes Best In Show
National Bedlington Terrier Club
Championship Show 6th August 2011

Judge Mrs Barbara Anderson-Illingsworth

Merlin's fourth CC

On Monday 18th July 2011
Gypsy had her fourth and last litter
3 boys and a girl
Sire Ch Rathsrigg Millrace
See their own page

Windsor Championship Show
30th June 2011

Peaches wins her first CC
Judge Mr Les Aspin

And Merlin wins his fifth Reserve CC

Blackpool Championship Show
24th June 2011

Merlin wins his third CC and Best Of Breed
Judge Mr Ernie Hill

Merlin is now a champion

Merlin in the Dog Challenge

Merlin and Peaches each now has their own page

At Midland Bedlington Championship Show
11th June 2011
Merlin won the RDCC
Judge Mrs Viv Rainsbury

Friday 27th May 2011
Bath Championship Show
Merlin is Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex
(No CCs for Bedlingtons at this Show)

Judge Mr Stuart Plane

Scottish Kennel Club
20th May 2011

Merlin wins a second CC with Best Of Breed
Judge Mr Max King

Having awarded Merlin the Dog CC
The Judge chooses the Dog RCC

Birmingham National
7th May 2011

Merlin stood alone in Limit Dog

Peaches was 1st in Limit Bitch
Judge Mr Ralph Garbutt

Friday 29th April 2011
Merlin wins his first CC and goes BOB
WELKS - Judge Mr Michael Gent

One very happy owner

We are delighted to hear that
Bisbee Nottingham Minstrel - Phin
won the CC today 22nd April 2011 with BOB at the 
International Dog Show at Lahti Finland 
making him an official Finnish Champion
Well done Sari and Phin


BTA Open Show 16th April 2011

Best in Show
Bisbee Belle Inni

Best Opposite Sex
Bisbee Beachcomber

Judge Mr Alan Vernall

Best In Show

Crufts 12 March 2011

Merlin was 1st in Limit Dog
Peaches was 1st in Limit Bitch
Judge Mrs Ferelith Somerfield
Photos on their page

Here are three babes born on Christmas Day 2010
A blue and tan boy and two blue girls
Sire Bisbee Nottingham Minstrel - Phin
Phin is owned by Sari Voutilainan in Finland

The Canadians are used to temperatures
 of -15 to -19 Celsius
Some of us now know what that feels like
But it doesn't put Bedlingtons off - here's Bee enjoying Winter in Alberta

Yes there's a Bedlington in there somewhere
more pictures on Bee's page

Merlin is Reserve Best In Show
Sporting Terrier Association of Yorkshire
7th November 2010


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Dusta and Yoyo

Four week old puppy from litter born on 28th July 2005


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