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Bonnie's new babes

Bonnie's new litter of 2 boys (blue and tan) and 2 girls (1 blue and 1 blue and tan) were born on 12th March 2009. Sire Yoyo (Ch Jossolli Jet Setter by Bisbee)


The puppies eyes opened at 15 days and at  18 days they were all trying to walk  and could just about manage four steps before rolling over.  In the following pictures they are almost 3 weeks old and are very alert and active. At least one of them has learnt to bark and growl! Bonnie is doing a good job as mum and takes good care of them.  She hasn't let any of the other dogs in to see them yet - not even her mum who stands at the door peeping around.  As we are expecting our son and daughter-in-law to visit us next week and we will need the bedroom the puppies will be moving downstaairs to the kitchen with the other dogs.

This picture of four sleeping beauties was taken when they were three weeks old. I love the patern they have made. The biggest blue and tan boy (who we have nick-named Peter) weighs 2lbs 10 ozs the second blue and tan boy (Paul) weighs 2lbs 1oz. The blue and tan girl (Called Mary) weighs 2lbs 6 ozs and the blue girl (Metoo) weighs 2lbs 5 ozs.  The fact that the weights are in lbs and ozs not metric and that Derek has chosen the names Peter, Paul and Mary (who are a singing trio from when we were much younger - but  are still going strong in the USA!) gives away our ages!

3 and 1/2 weeks
The blue and tans are very active. So is the little blue girl, but she cleverly assumes a position that doesn't suit the camera angle. Better luck next time. As you can see from the pictures they have started to play together.
When we enter the room they immediately take notice of us and Bonnie is now happy to let us pick us the puppies .
The puppies get more interesting by the day - we waste a lot of time sitting watching them.


Five weeks old and life's a real adventure
The pups now have teeth and mum doesn't feed them for very long, but the solid food is going down a treat.
It's a pity the pups have no idea about posing for a piture  - " what do you mean keep still for just a second?"
Thank goodness for digital cameras.

Solid but not food

Mum has a little inspection

Do we really have to go  back in the puppy pen now?

Now 6 and 1/2 weeks and very active

Dotty, Grace, Super Ted and Phin explore the outside world



Super Ted
Always looking for something to eat


Queen of the Castle
Well box anyway

Super Ted

I was playing with that ball before you picked me up for a soppy photo shoot

Super Ted says how do I get back in - they never had this trouble in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Mind you it doesn't look much like a wardrobe - maybe I'm in the wrong place

Help at last

The pups are 8 weeks old and 3 are off to their new homes

Dotty has gone to live with Linda and John and their Bedlingtons and Dizzie her half sister

Grace has gone to live with Chris and family and their Bedlingtons

Grace has a cuddle with Chris

Followed by a first trim

Super Ted has gone to live with Claire and family and Hugo their Bedlington

Ted's first trim

One last explore before leaving

Phinn will be going to live with Sari and her family and Bedlingtons in Finland

Meantime a lonely Phinn missing his brother and sisters plays with a new toy

A little brush to make me look smart so that these pictures can be emailed to Sari

More pictures of Phinn

Phinn in the thick of it

Some pictures of Phinn with his mum

He may be a big boy now but mum still makes sure he keeps clean

Phinn's first clip before going to his new home



Phinn explores his new home in Finland

Phinn with his crate and fleece

Colin and Kirsti Smith look after Phinn when Sari is working long days
and Phinn has proved himself an aspiring gardener - poor Kirsti's garden

Phinn and friend

And after a hard day in the garden what can be better than a good nap

More picfures of Phinn from Sari Voutilainen
2nd July 2009

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