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Posh's Pickles

Posh's Pickles

Introducing Posh's Pickles

On 11th May 2010 Posh - Bisbee Bobbie Dazzler - had a litter of 2 puppies
A Boy and A Girl

Sire - Ch Aireview Reprint  Dam - Bisbee Bobbie Dazzler

We refer to them as Lola and Lyle but the owners pick the pet names

We have only just taken photos to put on this site so they appear for the first time at almost 7 weeks old

Bottoms Up

Mine too

You work it out

Now try to get out

Pots but no food

This looks interesting

So does this

Food but this chop is a bit rubbery

The world looks good from here

This way too

Cuddle or rumble?

Rumble I think

But there's nothing like togetherness

And this is nothing like togetherness

The little boy will be called Beau
Kennel Name Bisbee Beau Nash

He is going to live with Jill and Brian in Leicestershire

Beau having his first haircut

A last game with his sister

But you have not seen the last of Beau

Berau in his new home with his new best friend

Is this what is called the lap of luxury - great

More pictures of the little girl to be known as Bee - Kennel name Bisbee Bees Knees
will appear shortly - Bee is going to live with Marie in Canada
Bee missed her brother for at least 24 hours and then played with the big dogs
especially her mum

Bee is about to have a big girl's haircut

A real little sweetie

Bee is out and about
A garden can be very interesting for a little girl especially when the big dogs don't get in the way

And this is especially for Marie

Bee has arrived safely in Canada  and has settled in well
Thanks Marie for the pictures

Never seen a Toy Fox Terrier before - well now you have

Posh in Canada out with the other dogs

The TFT is Gwynnie - currently No 1 Toy Fox Terrier in Canada

Further pictures of Bee will be put on her own page on the menu

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