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Ch Bisbee Benvenuto

Bisbee Benvenuto, known to us as Gypsy, was born 1 January 2004. Her mother is Champion Jossolli Juliana by Bisbee and her father is Champion Rathsrigg Ranolph. In 2004 she won Best Puppy in Breed at SKC (August - judge Roger Crooks) and Driffield (judge Carmel Smallwood-Cleveley). In 2005 she won three RCC's:

  • National Terrier (judge Raplh Garbutt)
  • Birmingham National (judge Carlos Saevich)
  • Leeds (judge Margaret Phillips)

She also won Bedlington Terrier Puppy of the Year for 2004
 at the new show sponsored by the  BTA and the MBTC  (judges all-rounder Dr Monica Boggia-Black, breed specialist Craig Richardson and terrier specialist Eileen Needham).


A little last minute grooming

Gypsy taking first in Limit Bitch from a class of 19 bitches

Gypsy went on to win the Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate

Judge Mr Chris Pick

Gypsy's Awards

The following 2 pictures were taken by Jon Caines and can be found along with many others on www.bedlingtonpictures.co.uk

Gypsy winning Limit Bitch

The Celebration

BCC  Ch Honeymist Time Will Tell  -  RBCC Bisbee Benvenuto

National Terrier 2006
"Gypsy" wins her first Challenge Certificate

Lowbrook Llaffan winning Best of Breed and
Bisbee Benvenuto winning Best Opposite Sex
Judge Mrs Carmel Smallwood-Cleveley

Held at the Canine Academy Tollerton
9th April 2006

We are delighted that Gypsy won  Bedlington Terrier of the Year 2005
following on from her win as Bedlington Terrier Puppy of the Year 2004

The Judges left to right
Barbara Anderson-Illingsworth, Alice Emsley and Carlos Saevich
All are Breed Specialists as well as judging other breeds

Gypsy and proud owner/handler

Left to right
Jetsway Mothers Ruin for Sevray Bedlington Terrier Puppy of the Year 2005
 Owned by Viv and Ed Rainsbury
Bisbee Benvenuto Bedlington Terrier of the Year 2005
Owned by Dorothy Owen
Ch Jetsway Harvey Wallbanger Runner Up Bedlington Terrier of the Year 2005
Owned by Judy Thompson


WELKS 29th April 2006

"Gypsy" wins her second Challenge Certificate at WELKS
-West of England Ladies Kennel Society-
29th April 2006 - judge Mr Ernie Hill

Open Bitch 1st Bisbee Benvenuto - 2nd Mollora Fanfare For Ruffsfurze

                                                                         Picture Jon Caines

The Challenge Certificate

Bath Championship Show 26th May 2006

Gypsy takes Best of Breed
Judge Margaret Inglis
No Challenge Certificates for Bedlingtons at this show

Southern Counties Championship Show 3rd June 2006

                                                                                     Picture Jon Caines

Gypsy on the table

                                                                                     Picture Jon Caines

Gypsy wins her third Bitch Challenge Certificate
Judge Michael Gent
Gypsy is now a Champion subject to Kennel Club confirmation

Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Championship Show 10th June 2006

                                                                    Picture by Harvey Bell

Gypsy won her fourth Challenge Certificate and Best in Show
Judge Shirley Davies

Three Counties Championship Show 13th June 2006

Gypsy takes Best of Breed
Judge Gerry Pepper
No CCs for Bedlingtons at this Show

Gypsy in the Terrier Group

22nd June 2006 - Confirmation of Gypsy's status as a Champion received from the Kennel Club

Blackpool 23rd June 2006 - Gypsy wins Reserve Bitch CC
Judge Mrs F Somerfield

                                                                            Picture Jon Caines

                                                                                      Picture Jon Caines

Paignton and District Fanciers Association - 13th July 2006
Gypsy takes 5th Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed
Judge Mrs Zena Thorn Andrews

                                                                                Picture Jon Caines

Leeds 22nd July 2006 - Gypsy wins 6th Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed
Judge - Mrs Christine Bell

                                                                                     Picture Harvey Bell

Gypsy wins Bitch CC and BOS
Driffield October 2006
Judge Maureen Micklethwaite

                                                                                      Picture Harvey Bell 

Gypsy wins 8th CC and BOS
Midland Counties Championship Show 29th October 2006
Judge Mrs Christine Reaston

                                                                                     Picture Jon Caines

Gypsy wins a 9th Challenge Certificate and also Best of Breed
Ladies Kennel Association Championship Show 8th December 2006
Judge Mrs Viv Rainsbury


Crufts - March 10th

Gypsy's first show this year and what a start taking Best of Breed
Judge Stuart Yearley

                                                                                    Picture  Jon Caines

Gypsy now has 10 CCs - 6 with BOB
6 Reserve CCs

Gypsy on the table - Open Bitch

                                                                                     Picture Jon Caines

Gypsy 1st and half sister Ch Bisbee Madame Butterfly 2nd

                                                                                     Picture Jon Caines

                                                                                     Picture Jon Caines

The Bitch Challenge

                                                                                     Picture Jon Caines

For Best of Breed against Whisky Mack at Toffset

Is that a look of surprise or delight?

                                                                                      Picture Jon Caines

At last a smile

                                                                                      Picture Jon Caines

Best of Breed
Crufts Hall of Fame Photograph

                                                                       Photo by Les Denman

Gypsy returned to the show ring on 4th August 2007
at the National Bedlington Terrier Club Championship Show
 when she was awarded
Best in Show by

Mr Ellis Hulme

                                                                                                              Picture by Harvey Bell

                                                                                                              Picture by Harvey Bell

Mr Hulme awarded Best of Breed to Gypsy's mum Dimple at the
Windsor Championship Show 1999 so it was particularly gratifying for her
daughter to be awarded top honours by the same judge

Gypsy's second show after having puppies
was the Scottish Kennel Club August 26th 2007
when she was awarded Best of Breed

Judge Mr Carlos Saevich

Gypsy won the Reserve Bitch CC
at the Driffield Championship Show 21st September 2007

Judge Mrs Alice Emsley

                                                                                 Pictures Lesley Caines

Gypsy takes the Reserve CC

Three of Gypsy's babes at LKA
Thanks to Jon Caines for the picture

Bisbee Boy Wonder                             Bisbee Bobbie Dazzler

Bisbee Sonoran Sunrise

                                                                                    Picture Jon Caines

Bisbee Boy Wonder
Owned by Mr P Kiernan and Mrs D Liu - best puppy dog at LKA 2007

Gypsy was one of four - two dogs and two bitches - to be
joint top Bedlington 2007

Gypsy is now taking a break from the show ring

Gypsy returns to the showring at
Southern Counties Championship Show
31st May 2008 winning the RBCC
Judge - Mr Ron Menaker USA

Pictures Jon Caines

After an absence of almost 4 years Gypsy returns to the ring to win

Best Veteran in Show
National Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show
31st March 2012
Judge Mrs Jill Peak

Birmingham National Championship Show
19th May 2014

Gypsy wins Reserve Bitch CC from Veteran Bitch Class
Judge Mrs Sylvia Morrice

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