Puppies - Litter born 24th February 2006

Dam Bisbee Painted Lady - Sire Bisbee Beekeeper

3 days old

Puppies have doubled their birth weight at 6 days old - 2/3/06

13 days old and drinking and sleeping is hard work

18 days old and still growing fast
Eyes open and finding their feet

38 days old and this bone looks interesting

Slippers are better

Grandma trying to get in on the act

That's better

I wonder

Never mind

Where's Grandma going?

Slippers are still good fun

Oh yes they are

Raining again

Have to play indoors then - somebody else can clear up the mess

12th April 2006
I'm Darcy                                                and I'm Mak
and we've just had our dinner

Food Glorious Food

Time for a tickle

This is fun

Our Auntie's being groomed up there
Suspect it might be our turn soon

Mak drops his bit of paper to pose for this picture

Ready for a clip

I love a cuddle

This looks interesting

But there's something over here.

Darcy at her new home

Darcy - Growing Up

Last updated 11/11/2006