Litter born 18th January 2007

A litter of 3 bitch puppies born on 18th January 2007 to Tango - Dodgewells Dancing Queen 
Sire Ch Moltyke Taggles With Miteymidgets

4 days old

 8 days old




14 days old

19 days old - eyes open

22 days old

Meet Snap, Crackle and Pop
26 days old


 35 days old


 36 days old








 47 days old
 and Snap, Crackle and Pop have had a haircut

52 days old

Race for a cuddle

Mak wants to join in

The rumble is about to start
such devoted sisters

My mum's meant to be in here

Can it really be?

Yes it is

3 puppies in a bed made for 1

21st March 2007 - the first day of spring

So Snap and Pop have gone to their new homes
Crackle is staying with us - her new name is Cola
and we will post pictures of her from time to time

Cola doesn't seem to miss her sisters. She spends a lot of time playing with Mak and Wilco
and whenever she can persuade her with her mum Tango. After all we all know that every Bedlington whether adult or puppy knows that it is as big as any other dog

Last updated 21/03/2007