Gypsy's New Babes

Gypsy's litter of a blue boy and a blue girl was born on 30th March 2009. Sire Ch Rathsrigg One Misty Morning

4 days old

This is a picture of the boy

These are pictures of the litle girl - she is very noisy!

6 days old

Gypsy's babes are now 4 weeks old and downstairs with Bonnie's babes.

The little girl is called Peaches and has some early grooming


5 weeks old

Peaches and Merlin

At long last more pictures
Merlin and Peaches have had their first clip and are enjoying the sunshine
Gardens are really interesting

Where are you going Peaches?

Merlin prefers the rockery


When everything else gets boring there's always a rumble to enjoy

Last updated 04/11/2009